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1. Garden design : This may involve a completely new lay-out for the garden, and would involve a detailed site survey, soil tests, and an in-depth consultation to obtain the brief for the design.

2. Planting plans : Usually these would be included in a new garden design. However in some cases all that is required is a new planting plant for an existing border, rather than the entire garden being transformed. I supply all the plants on the plan, at wholesale prices wherever possible. The cost of the planting plan and the plants is usually cheaper than if the client bought all the plants from retail nurseries. I usually do the planting myself, but if the client would like to do the planting I lay out the plants with their required spacing for the client to plant. A detailed planting record and planting diagram with full maintenance schedule is always produced, and I am available for ongoing aftercare advice.

3. Problem solving: Sometimes I am called in to a garden to suggest solutions to a particular problem, e.g. screening to create privacy or to block out an eyesore, plant suggestions for difficult areas where nothing seems to want to grow, suggestions for a new use of a part of the garden which needs development.

4. Plant identification and guidance as to plant care: I am often asked to visit the garden of a house into which a client has moved recently to identify the plants and produce a schedule for the maintenance of the garden.

5. Creating a low maintenance garden: Many people find they do not have the time to care for their existing gardens, and so request that I replace their existing planting with one which is low maintenance.

Rosa 'New Dawn'

6. Guidance about garden care: This is a very popular request. I produce a month-by-month maintenance schedule specific to the garden in question. I will visit the garden as many times as required during the year to advise on essential tasks, and provide teaching on site if necessary.

7. Preparing the garden for the growing season: I will visit a garden in early spring as a one-off visit to do the required pruning, feeding and mulching to prepare the garden for the growing season.

8. Containers and summer bedding: I undertake to plan and plant containers with spring or summer bedding plants (or permanent plants if required).

9. Personal shopping guide: I am happy to visit a garden centre or nursery with clients to avoid inappropriate plant purchases being made.

10. Garden education – through courses (click here for details) or tailor-made gardening lessons in your own garden

11. Gardening gift vouchers (click here for details)
Libertia formosa
12. Preparing a garden for a special occasion such as a garden wedding reception or a special party – this could be a one off visit to give the garden a make over so that it provides a fitting backdrop for the social event.

13. Illustrated gardening talks on a wide range of gardening subjects : I am available to visit Gardening clubs or other groups for this purpose. (click here for details)
Iris sibirica 'Perry's Blue'