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Transforming a very small Garden

Hope Cottage has a small fenced back garden, with more vertical space for plants than horizontal. When the owner moved in turf covered the entire garden, with poor quality soil underneath. There seemed no reason for a lawn in such a small area and so the central area of the garden was paved, creating a seating area, and a fairly narrow curved border made around the perimeter. Organic matter in great quantities was dug into the border to improve the soil and a range of flowering climbing plants planted along the fences. The owner loved roses and several long flowering climbing roses were chosen to be grown in conjunction with various Clematis from the vitacella group, which are the perfect companions for climbing roses. At ground level the border was filled with a range of small evergreen shrubs and perennials which provided a succession of interest throughout the year. The climbing plants and the ground level shrubs and perennials were in the cool colour range to make the garden seem larger and to create a peaceful atmosphere. Wherever possible scented plants were chosen and on a summer day the scent from roses, Dianthus, Lavender and other aromatic herbs fills the garden.