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Transforming the corner of a Busbridge Garden

The owners of this property had inherited a garden with a fairly large fruit and vegetable patch occupying the bottom third of the plot. For health reasons they needed the garden to be as low maintenance as possible and felt that they would like to transform the high maintenance vegetable area into a different garden feature.

It was decided to create a paved and shaded sitting area under a bespoke wooden loggia. A paved path, wide enough for a wheelchair, was made down the garden, passing under a newly made arch covered with thornless climbing roses, and this path broadened out to create a seating area under the loggia. Climbers, several of them scented, were planted up each of the six posts and summer interest shrubs planted in the new surrounding borders. The fence at the bottom of the garden was planted with evergreen shrubs and climbers to blur the edges of the property, and the fairly wide border to the side of the new path was filled with sun-loving low maintenance aromatic shrubs. The cordon fruit trees which had been in the old fruit area were planted against the side fence, and a few soft fruit plants added.

The bees loved the lavenders, Sedums and other sun lovers planted in the area and on a hot summer's day it was delightful to see and hear them, with the air full of the scent of the aromatic plants.