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The Herb Garden in this Bramley property is only one of several gardens within a large property, which has a fruit and vegetable garden, a small orchard area, a charming courtyard garden, a long pergola covered with climbing plants, a substantial mixed border, a raised bed of sun loving shrubs and perennials and various other plantings around the house and in corners of the garden.

Originally the Herb Garden was a rather neglected area down the side of the house with some overgrown shrubs and weedy ground cover. With the kitchen opening onto the garden, it became clear that this was the perfect place for a herb garden. A beautiful gate was placed at the entrance to make the garden secure so that small children could safely play in the garden while their parents were busy in the kitchen, and a path was laid leading to a paved seating area large enough for a bench or a table and couple of chairs. An arch with a thornless climbing rose and a Clematis was placed behind this and scented shrubs and roses were planted in the surrounding area. The fairly established border of shrubs along the fence bordering the road was left relatively intact to provide screening.

Lavender, Rosemary and climbing plants were placed in the border against the house, and the border around the lawn planted with culinary herbs. Box balls added structure and the garden proved to be a delightful place for a restful interlude at any time of day.