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Welcome to www.fraxina.co.uk the website for
Now based at:-

Kirkleigh Farmhouse
Devon EX21 5DZ

Tel: 01409 211514

A Garden Consultancy and Design
I am committed to helping you make the most of your garden, whatever size it may be. A garden which is sensitively designed and well maintained is a joy, and can provide a little piece of paradise for the owner, a haven in which to unwind and recover energy, a magical backdrop against which to entertain friends and family, and a place of never ending delights as plants weave their enchantments and provide daily evidence of the beauty of nature.

Unfortunately the above description does not apply to all gardens. A walk along any street reveals all too often very depressing sights – front gardens which are merely repositories for dustbins and rubbish, paving which clashes with the masonry of the house, soil overrun with weeds, sickly plants, badly chosen and planted in inappropriate situations, often far too large for their space. Back gardens are often no better – a patch of poor quality turf, bare fences and narrow borders of empty spaces and struggling plants.

I would like to work with you to make your garden a place of beauty and delight.

The stress is on the words 'with you'. I would like to discover how you would like your garden to look, and then interpret that into reality.

It may be that you want to start from the beginning, with a completely new lay-out. Alternatively, you may wish to concentrate on one or more borders. Maybe your garden has a few problems which you would like to resolve, for instance your may have tough areas under trees where nothing will grow well. Or maybe you have a need for screening to give privacy or block out eyesores. Perhaps you have moved into a new property with a well-established and attractive garden, but you are a novice gardener and you need guidance in maintaining it. On the other hand you may be a keen and knowledgeable gardener but you would like an outside opinion on developing your garden still further.

Whatever your garden need I would be very happy to discuss this with you by telephone or e-mail, and then visit your garden for a consultation.
Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin'
Some of my work . . .
Charterhouse School - 1872 historical border A Godalming Garden -
3 months after planting
Godalming Rectory Garden
Hope Cottage
Click here to view detailed examples of my portfolio
A Herb Garden in Bramley
Godalming Museum Garden
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